طراحی وب سایت

On one of our travels to Gampaha, we were introduced to Krishmal from Dunagaha, who mentioned that he will be facing his Advance level examinations in 2019. He is the youngest of a family of three, with two older sisters who were married and had left their home. Since their departure, the family have been by their own with little to no help from the two girls in the family. Krishmal’s father finds labor work as and when available, and his mother goes out to sell betel by the streets near by every day. Amidst all these struggles, Krishmal thinks of a future where he will be able to head towards university one day. With the financial situation he was in, it became harder and harder for him to keep up with the expenses that came with his school requirements. Although with our introduction he now received a monthly allowance that helps him think of continuing his studies without worrying of what the future may hold. We hope to see him through his education process and help him reach his dreams one day.