طراحی وب سایت

During an annual seminar conducted in the Mahaoya area we pledged to sponsor a few students who got through their ordinary level examination with good results. We selected 7 students and offered financial aid for them to continue with their studies. We donated bicycles to the school upon a request from the principal who mentioned that the children had to walk over 10km to get to school. They were provided to the Advance level students with a request to return the bikes back to school for another child’s use. Sudarshani, a girl out of the seven selected students was selected to the Peradeniya University to continue her studies in medicine. Athula entered Colombo University to study management and Nipunika was selected to the University of Kelaniya to follow her studies in the arts stream. We were very proud to hear that three out of the seven student that we supported entered university to continue their higher education.

One of the first few students we sponsored was a boy named Thilina from Thissamaharama, who had completed his scholarship exam at the time. We got to know about him through a friend who was a sales person deployed in the area. He was from a family of four, his father was a Taylor and mother was at home. Although he had the will and the ability to study but the financial issues were stopping him from continuing on. We supported him financially and often sent him school supplies to carry on with his studies. We were in touch with the principal at his school, monitoring his progress as often as we could. He got through his ordinary level exam and continued his Advance level studies in the math’s stream. He entered the Moratuwa University with excellent Advance level results and continued his higher studies in the Computer Science stream. He completed his internship at hSenid during his final year and joined another organisation after he completed his studies. The only request we had for him was to help another child in need to succeed in his/her studies, much like he did.

The very first student that we reached out to was a recommendation from a friend. Anuththara from Rathnapura was in her first year of university and had a rough start with a fire burning down her entire house. She lost everything and had no income to the family with her father’s paralysis and mother’s unemployment. This made her take the decision to leave university and start working to rebuild all that she had lost. We met them in a time that they has nothing and encouraged her to continue with her studies promising that we will help her regain stability and financial support. Amidst the many obstacles she completed her studies and graduated from the medical faculty. Anuththara is a now doctor which makes us very proud of her achievements.